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In response to "The Complicated Cock, Part 1"

There is also a lot of power in being the owner of a penis. There is no spite intended by this, and this is coming from a female point of view, so I could be off the mark. But here's my take on things.
First, I don't care how much things are changing, they still haven't changed completely. Most of our politicians are men. They have most of the say in issues like abortion and women's rights. While I have to admit that (thankfully) there are many men who vote fairly, there are still plenty of men in politics who still seem to think that the only time I woman should open her mind or her mouth is if it's to find out what her man thinks. God forbid she should not have one, because then she doesn't get an opinion. There is no one to give it to her.
Second, sexuality. Why is that if a man sleeps around, he is a stud, but if a woman sleeps around, she is a slut? There is no equality in the way that we look at sexual mores. Not just men, but women, too. Women look at a guy who sleeps around, and we think, "What an asshole?" while all the while secretly wondering if he is good in bed. I mean, he must be if he can get all those women, right? But we look at a woman who sleeps around, voice opinions like, "Good for her" all the while whispering behind our hands to our friends about what a slut she is.
Third, opinions. We aren't allowed to have those. A man speaks his mind - Good for him. A woman speaks her mind - God, what a bitch! If I had a dollar for each time that my opinion has been discounted just because I have tits, I would be fucking rich.
Fourth, back to sex. More importantly, to sex drive. Women aren't supposed to have that either. I suppose this kind of goes back to what I said above. If a guy is sexually forward, that is the status quo. However, if a woman is forward, regardless of how few men she's been with, men will always wonder if there haven't been more. If secretly this demure type is a big whore. We're not supposed to know what we want, or even supposed to want it.
Fifth, skill. I run into this on a daily basis at work. There is the assumption that just because I don't have a penis, I shouldn't be able to do anything that requires technical skills - rewire an electromagnet, fix a robot, solder a goddamn electrical connection.
I can hang drywall, change oil, bleed brakes, sand, spackle, solder, use power tools, lift heavy objects, do mechanical drafting, fix a transitor radio, hang a door, frame a wall, pitch baseball, move furniture, lift heavy objects, even put together a bookshelf for my boyfriend if I want to. I'm a strong woman - but you still have more power than I do most days.
Because I don't have a penis.
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