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Penis Envy?

I just left my penis. It was a nice enough penis, attached to a nice enough guy. Maybe that was the problem. He was a nice guy. He was willing to let me have his penis, his mind and his heart. Trouble was, it's only really his mind that I am interested in.
There was another penis last night. That one is attached to the guy I have been in love with for the last 6 months. He is willing to let me have his penis and his mind, but not his heart. Sorry, I want all three.
Why does it seem so hard to find the right combination of mind, heart and penis? Why can't I seem to find that total package? Instead, it seems, I just keep finding "the package". And while the perfect penis is a good thing to find, I think I'd be happy to find that not-so-perfect penis, if I could love and respect the man it's attached to, and he could love and respect me.
Love to hear the thoughts of all those penises out there, perfect and not so perfect. And the thoughts of the men they are attached to.
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